Water Conservation In Rocklin

On average, U.S. homeowners produce about 120 billion gallons of wastewater annually. If the average homeowner invested in a water saving sprinkler system, each would be able to save about 8,000 gallons annually. If your home irrigation system hasn't had an upgrade in the last couple decades, now is the time to bring it into the 21st Century.

Professional Water Efficient Experts

a sprinkler system optimized for saving waterAs your local Rocklin water efficient sprinkler experts, we are devoted to help our customers save on water and help improve the health and beauty of their properties. We are proud to offer a range of solutions that will allow you accomplish this. We know that every property is different, and that a cookie cutter approach won't meet our customer's expectations. Each and every one of our local technicians can assess your irrigation system, and help educate even non-do-it-yourselfers in ways that they can help save water beyond their sprinkler system.

  • Grass provides a great ground cover because of its lush green color, and its ability to survive normal foot traffic. In terms of ground cover however, there are other less thirsty choices that can provide the beauty of a great lawn, with less headaches.
  • Mulch is a great tool that not only provides a maintenance and water free ground cover, but it has other benefits as well. By covering exposed soil in mulch, your ground will stay cooler, reducing the amount of groundwater lost to evaporation.
  • Shade will shield plant life from the sun's harmful rays, and in they will need less water. This is also a great way to keep your yard cooler so you and your family can better enjoy the summer months.
  • Soil aeration is key to maximize the area of water penetration in your soil. This allows the water to get closer to the roots of your plants. Soil aeration allows less water to be more effective.
  • California native plants are a great choice when improving your home irrigation system and water conservation efforts. These plants are used to the seasonal demands of California, and will be the most resilient and water conscious foliage no matter what time of year it is. If you want maintenance free greenery, native plants are the way to go.

Start Saving Water Water Today

While these tips are a great start on the way toward water conservation, they are only the half of it. If you would like to explore your options when it comes to smart water controllers, rain sensors, drip irrigation, misting sprinkler heads and more, let the local Rocklin sprinkler efficiency pros help you toward a greener tomorrow.