Rocklin Sprinkler Repair Services

a Rocklin Sprinkler Repair tech adjusts a pop up headIf you haven't had your sprinkler checked in the last year, you're probably using twice as much water as you need to while irrigating. We can help you reduce you water usage and save you money on your utility bill. Our Rocklin sprinkler repair team will start our diagnostic evaluation of your sprinkler system with a water usage audit. This will determine the correct amount of irrigation needed in the various zones of your yard. Once this audit is completed, we can look at your current system and determine where new sprinkler heads need to be placed, whether a drip system should be added, what pressure each individual heads should be spraying at and exactly what the watering schedule should be.

Regular Sprinkler System Maintenance Makes Sense

Irrigation contractor in Rocklin CA rewires a sprinkler valve boxOur Rocklin irrigation contractors can also set you up with a preventative maintenance schedule to help you maximize the efficiency of your system and keep it in optimal working condition. Many sprinkler system owners think that their systems are set-it-and-forget-it, but they do need maintenance to continue to work properly. To make sure your system is working at an optimal level, call our team today.

The key to a great sprinkler system is the ability to deliver water consistently at the best time of the day. The best time to water a lawn is in the pre-dawn hours. Our Rocklin CA sprinkler repair team suggests adding a controller to your system that will automate the entire watering system. This is the best way to assure that your lawn gets the same amount of water every time at the most optimum time of day. A manual system relies on your to turn it on and off, and let's face it, you got a sprinkler system so you wouldn't have to be bothered with exactly this type of maintenance.

Irrigation Zone Analysis Helps You Plan Ahead

Irrigation contractor in Rocklin consults blueprints for a zone analysisWhen you choose our expert team, our Rocklin sprinkler installers will survey your land and section it off into zones. Each of these zones will have distinct watering needs. Our techs will then develop a preliminary plan based on the drainage of your yard so that the correct amount of water gets to each zone without wasting any water.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

The best service I've recieved from a sprinkler repair team ever. They were fast and thorough. I will call again.

~ Percy Hallowell

It rained the day they were scheduled to come and I braced for a cancelation. No need, they came and fixed my pop up head despite the weather.

~ Jane Margoli

A+ service. I had to wait a few days, but that's probably because they are so good that they're in demand.

~ Mark Panchette

Our Rocklin Irrigation Contractors Offer Comprehensive Service

organized irrigation equipment on a truckAs a comprehensive sprinkler repair service we have some specialties. Our crew specializes in hard to find leaks and full system optimization. That doesn't mean we don't do standard repairs, we do, and we do them well. We are the number one choice for pop-up head repair and replacement in the area. In fact we carry over 1000 replacement pop-up heads from all of the major manufacturers on each of our trucks so we always have replacements with us if needed.

tech performing sprinkler repair in Rocklin CAWhile some other Rocklin sprinkler repair teams might just come in and replace a malfunctioning pop-up heads without looking for the underlying problem, we'll figure out why the head went bad in the first place. Most of the time a broken head is a result of debris being trapped in the compression valves around the riser. If this is the issue, we can often repair it instead of replacing it. Call in our team and reclaim your free time while still maintaining a lawn to envy.